Mechanical Synfonica Video a Symphony of Audi R8 V8 Power


Mechanical Synfonica Audi R8 video super model

Automobiles and music have been intertwined since the first Motorola model 5T71 radio was installed in car in the spring of 1930, but before their was a radio in dash automobile purist regarded the engine as its own symphony. The films makers at wanted to know what would happen when they blended the sound of a screaming V8 engine with the bow strings of a classical orchestra.

The AM and FM radio dial may have gone the way of the 8-Track Player, but are cars are still pumping out tunes from in dash players and pouring out mellow exhaust notes with the blip of the throttle. Mechanical Synfonica is the second collaboration between producer Alexander Sperr and filmmaker Daniel Michaelis. Follow the two as the mix the sounds of a classical orchestra the modern sounds of V8 performance, in this smashing audio visual presentation.

Watch as an Audi R8, Audi S5 and a BMW 325I play “follow the leader” and fight to use the momentum of a melody and blend it to the deep sound of a V8 or the high tone of a biturbo engines.


Mechanical Synfonica

Presented by Rieger Tuning Germany.

Directed by Daniel Michaelis
Produced by Alexander Sperr
Co Directed by Willi Fast

Julia Kunz, Verena Welker, Flora Noll

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