Prom Date: 1966 Ford Mustang Limousine


Christopher “Doc” Ingrassia chopped a 1966 Ford Mustang coupe in half and stretched the body to build this one off Mustang Limousine. Doc who hails from East Dundee, Illinois (just outside of Chicago) has been building and restoring classic Mustangs since 1980 and owns MustangRestoration.Net.

No word on what caused the Ingrassia family to embark down the journey of cutting a classic 1966 pony in half, but the finished product was good enough to impress car buff and custom builder George Barris who spotted the Limo during the Shelby car show at the Volo Museum.

The Mustang sports an original style instrument panel and dash for the chauffeur, and passenger ride in a 2+2 configuration on the original vinyl rear seat and a pair of front buckets. The hood is hinge to open forward and rear suicide door has been lengthened to 6′. The overall length of the car has been stretched to 21.5′.

The bad news is it looks like them started the project with a clean 1966 200 ci 6cyl coupe . The good news is it looks like the upgraded to a 289 ci or 302 ci V8 with power to spare at the rear wheels. What do you think? A great interpretation of the original pony car or just a sad abomination?


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