Ford Crown Victoria Tackles Hell’s Revenge Trail In Moab

2007 Crown Victoia Hells Revenge Moab Police Interceptor

Next time you’re out on a trail ride in your Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Blazer, or Ford Bronco and you bypass that tricky obstacle, that makes your toenails curl and get your shorts in a wad, just remember: it’s okay. If it wasn’t difficult a car could do it, right. Be glad this guy isn’t riding behind you… He just might show you up. Just image what this Crown Vic could do with a locker?

Apparently the owner of this 1997 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is a common sight in and around the hills of Moab. He has been spotted on popular 4×4 trails like Hell’s Revenge, Fins’n’Things, as well as Baby Lion’s Back. The Crown Victoria serves as cheap transportation in and out of Moab to his favorite mountain biking spots.



Photo Credits ADV Rider & Dave C

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