Retro Cinema: How To Waterproof Your MB Jeep

Here at Motor City Muscle Cars were absolutely love vintage Jeeps. This old War Department Signal Corps training film is all kinds of awesome. First we see what appears to be a complete waterproofing kit in a crate. We’d love to know what that kit is worth today intact. Second, we learn about our friend the water proofing material, which of course features that marvel of modern technology ASBESTOS! Yes, the main component in the kit is a five gallon bucket of asbestos laden play dough. Our fearless subject dives into his work after taking the proper safely precautions…wait, there are none! Just grab a handful of asbestos putty (actually called asbestos waterproofing compound) and start smearing it everywhere. Today we know that asbestos is nasty stuff but back then we just used the best material for the job. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video to see trucks and Jeeps frolicking in the water like they are on holiday.

Retro Cinema: How To Waterproof Your MB Jeep

For a real kick make sure to read this vintage Department of the Army Technical Manual titled (what else) “Deepwater Fording of Ordnance Material TM 9-2853”. While I don’t think it will ever hit the New York Times best seller list, this manual has some amazing photos like this one:

Vintage Jeep water fording
See that guy? He’s going to drive that Jeep straight across the Pacific and kick the emperor square in the nuts.

So after you watch the video give Deepwater Fording of Ordnance Material TM 9-2853 a read:

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  1. Dampier says:

    What used to replace asbestos , whether it has a good function as well ?

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