This Turbo Diesel Nova Launches So Hard It Poops Itself A Little

Turbo diesel powered cars will always have a special place in my heart. One of my favorite cars from my past was a Peugot 505 Turbo Diesel with a stick. Sure it was dog slow off the line, but on the highway it shined. You could leave it in fifth gear and just tip your toe to pass cars effortless. Yes it was quirky and it died a painful death at the hands of the next owner (gas is bad for diesels, mmmkay). But I digress…

Here at Motor City Muscle Cars we love drag freaks, especially ones with crazy engine swaps. It doesn’t get much crazier than a turbo diesel Nova. Specifically, a triple turbo Duramax diesel powered 1973 Chevrolet Nova capable of running north of 100# of boost. Initially we were drawn to the freakshow but watching it get ready for a run shows this is a serious drag car.

Now we’re not what what exactly caused the “premature release” but we’d like to think it is a great visual representation of what an unwitting passenger may feel riding in this monster for the first time. With how this thing hooks and books we’d kind of like to see a few videos of guests riding shotgun to see if our hunch is right.

Dragzine did an excellent piece on this car last year that lays out just how much work went into it. It is truly a work of art with tons of custom engineering and fabrication. You don’t just walk into Summit Racing and say “I’d like to order the turbo diesel Nova kit.” No, this is pure, old school hot rodding.

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