Found On eBay: 1982 Jeep Scrambler Ambulance Conversion

Scramblers are awesome, let’s just go ahead and make that statement now. While the short wheelbase of the CJ is great offroad, there are times when a bit more room is a welcome addition. The folks at Horton Ambulance (still in business by the way) saw the potential of the Scrambler chassis as a nice mid-size all-terrain ambulance. We have no doubt that the sturdy frame was up to the additional weight of the enclosed service body. The interior is a little cramped with the stretcher taking up the area where the passenger seat would be, but the rear jump seat makes up for it. It is all business up front with a wonderful mix of utilitarian switchgear added to the dash. Under the hood looks to be the stock 258 cid inline six coupled to an automatic transmission which makes sense considering that the driver needs as few distractions as possible. While we know the diehard Jeep collectors would want to see this piece preserved for future generation, we’d go full on expedition vehicle with it. Swap the stretcher for a bed, toss on a set of 35″ tires, do an axle flip, then hit the Yukon for a few weeks of exploring. Sadly this will probably end up with a “zombie apocolypse” sticker on it at some point.

From the ad:

“For Sale! RARE 1982 Horton Ambulance All-Terrain-Medic Unit. One of only 10 units ever built. In the early 1980’s Horton built many different specialty ambulances and the Jeep ATM unit was probably the most interesting. The passenger front seat was turned backward behind the driver facing rearward and a Ferno 107-C stretcher was loaded feet first through the back door allowing full patient care in a small but well equipped area. The unit was designed as a backup unit and for off road rescue applications. Due to their high cost they never caught on.

My ATM was acquired in 1992 in Beckley, WVA and I am the only owner to date. It’s time to pass the vehicle on.

The unit is listed for sale on other sites and locally, so it may be gone early. I reserve that right.


Found On eBay: 1982 Jeep Scrambler Ambulance Conversion

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