Mustang – The First 50 Years: DVD Review

It really is hard to capture just how deep the history of the Ford Mustang runs, but “Mustang – The First 50 Years” takes a pretty good crack at covering it all. This double DVD set examines the world of the Mustang from multiple angles: interviews & profiles of the people who brought the Mustang to life, Mustang owner profiles that help bring the passion of the car to life, “behind the scenes” looks at the companies that make the Mustang world go round, and last but not least a fantastic collection of vintage Mustang commercials & print ads.

The team who put this DVD set together had a difficult task. One can imagine the sheer bulk of information available documenting the history of America’s favorite pony car. “Mustang – The First 50 Years” does a very good job at satisfying the deeper curiosity of the average Mustang fan. Is it an all-inclusive complete authoritative chronicle of the Mustang? No, but it does a good job of adding a good bit of color to the Mustang’s history and is worth a watch for any automotive enthusiast.

DVD Contents
Disc 1
History 1 – The Beginning (History)
Shelby – Kind Of The Road (History)
History 2 – The Launch (History)
The Carroll Collection (Mustang Owner Story)
1st Generation (History)
Tom Clark (Mustang Owner Story)
Frank Chirat (Mustang Owner Story)
Hertz: “Rent-A-Racer” (History)
2nd Generation (History)
Taylor Cassidy (Mustang Owner Story)
3rd Generation (History)
Henry Stokes (Mustang Owner Story)
Pop Culture (History)

Disc 2
Roush Industries (Behind The Scenes)
Ed Richter & Sons (Mustang Owner Story)
4th Generation (History)
Mike Wolf (Mustang Owner Story)
Ralph Hubbard (Appraiser’s Opinion)
Lee Iacocca’s Mustangs (History)
5th Generation (History)
Alex Perez (Mustang Owner Story)
Mustangs & Fast Fords OC (Behind The Scenes)
Top 10 Mustangs
Bruce Meyer (Mustang Owner Story)
Galpin Motors (Behind The Scenes)
D&D Classic Restoration (Behind The Scenes)
Gale’s Stolen Car (History)
Bryan & Michelle Napier (Mustang Owner Story)
6th Generation (History)
Vintage TV Spots (History)
Vintage Print Ads (History)

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