This Ford Bronco Pontoon Boat Is An All Terrain Party Barge

You know what is missing in this world? An amphibious Ford Bronco pontoon boat. Luckily somebody out there had the vision and the talent to create one:


From what we can tell this amazing piece of engineering was the brain child of Werner Martinmaas, a prolific inventor with several tool and boat related patents. The name of the Bronco was “Big Duck” and it was the prototype for his add-on pontoon flotation system. Considering a third gen Bronco weighs in at well over 4,000 pounds, seeing one floating around between two pontoons is pretty impressive.

While the video only shows part of the procedure for entering the water, it does show how he gets out. Watching him drop the wheels back on the boat ramp looked like an exercise in faith considering if the water was deeper than expected there was a good  chance of flooding the truck.

The Bronco does a pretty good paddle wheeler impression, but the tires aren’t supplying all the propulsion. At the 7:37 mark in the video you can just see the propeller turning underneatch as he exits the water. Apparently the prop and rudder were lowered into place when boat mode was required. You can also see how the pontoons swing down from the sides to lift up the Bronco from the water.

Martinmaas planned on selling his add-on pontoon system to the public and even mentioned in a local newspaper that he planned to put the system on a motorhome, but from what we can tell this was the only one he build. We tried to track down the shop that was supposed to build the conversions but they seem to have closed up years ago. Hopefully the Ford Bronco pontoon boat lives on somewhere, because something this insane shouldn’t be forgotten.

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