Sketches Confirm 2014 Ford Mustang based on Evos Concept

BREAKING NEWS! Motor City Muscle Cars has uncovered the first spy photos showing sketches of the Ford Evos concept car based 2014 Ford Mustang!

Earlier today we reported that the 50th anniversary 2014 Ford Mustang would draw heavily on the Ford Evos concept’s styling. The first sketches / spy photos that the confirm that Ford is using the Evos architecture for the new pony car.

The preliminary sketches are from prior to April 2011 and are based on the Evos concept car that Ford launched in August 2011 in Berlin at the Frankfurt International Auto Show.  The 2014 Mustang will keep the Evos rear styling and exhaust that exits through the lower fascia. The front end of the Mustang in the drawing appears  to accommodate the Evos more trapezoidal shape and larger grille opening. Though we doubt the Mustang will retain the cabin forward styling of these early sketches.

The Evos is leaner and ever so slightly smaller than the current Mustang, but still very mean, and packs the all important visually aggressive stance for which the legendary muscle car is famous for. The newly launched 2013 Mustang GT has a larger grille that hints that Ford is leaning to the larger Evos grille design. They sexy Evos is 9in shorter than the current steed, but 3in wider and 2in taller on a nearly identical wheel base. The production Mustang will lose the fancy  touch screens and gullwing doors, but keep the sexy sculpted body lines and fastback shape to become Ford’s first global pony. Hopefully one that will connect well with Gen X and Y buyers who prefer the sleek Asian and European imports.


2014 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang Concept Drawings Motor City

2014 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang Concept Spy Drawings Motor City



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3 thought on “Sketches Confirm 2014 Ford Mustang based on Evos Concept”

  1. Mad Max says:

    Please don’t ruin the mustang…….use this design if you must but call it something else…..FALCON

  2. Design student says:

    These guys are not designers at ford. This is a student project at CCS and a teacher assessing his work. The students project was to design a car between the ford GT and the Mustang. They’re definetly cool sketches and headed in the right direction though

  3. Frank Bullitt says:

    Please do not ruin an icon by folding to the Euro design influences. The mustang is the last American hope. The separation between muscle and beauty is a fine line that should be treaded on softly. Keep American styling pure. Take what you need mechanically i.e. the drive train and or the fine interior artisanship. The exterior must revert to 1964 styling cues and ingenuity with a ever so slight modern touch.

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