2009 Corvette ZR1 Museum Pulled From Sinkhole

Museum Sinkhole 2009 Corvette ZR1 Blue Devil Restored

2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Museum Sinkhole Restored

Chevrolet unveiled the restored 2009 Corvette ZR1 at the automotive industry SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The vehicle was damaged earlier this year when a sinkhole developed beneath the National Corvette Museum. After the SEMA Show the Chevy will return to the Bowling Green, Ky museum on permanent display. Continue reading

Vintage Jeep training film

Retro Cinema: How To Waterproof Your MB Jeep

Here at Motor City Muscle Cars were absolutely love vintage Jeeps. This old War Department Signal Corps training film is all kinds of awesome. First we see what appears to be a complete waterproofing kit in a crate. We’d love to know what that kit is worth today intact. Second, we learn about our friend the water proofing material, which of course features that marvel of modern technology ASBESTOS! Yes, the main component in the kit is a five gallon bucket of asbestos laden play dough. Our fearless subject dives into his work after taking the proper safely precautions…wait, there are none! Just grab a handful of asbestos putty (actually called asbestos waterproofing compound) and start smearing it everywhere. Today we know that asbestos is nasty stuff but back then we just used the best material for the job. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video to see trucks and Jeeps frolicking in the water like they are on holiday. Continue reading

2015 MRT TKO Mustang

MRT’s TKO 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L Rolls Out At SEMA 2014

Scott Hoag has a funny sense of humor. Back in 2011 Scott’s team at MRT decided to take a different path and customize a lowly V6 Mustang. Yes, the same car your parents bought your little sister for graduation. But Scott had a plan, one that included bolting on a ProCharger and pushing the little 3.7L V6 over the 400 horsepower mark. He treated the rest of the car to a full road racing package and a full custom interior. The car made waves at the 2011 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational and still gets beaten regularly on race tracks around the country. I personally experienced the TKO at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit with Scott behind the wheel and myself holding on for dear life in the passenger seat. Who knew a V6 Mustang could be that good? Continue reading

1982 Jeep Scrambler Ambulance

Found On eBay: 1982 Jeep Scrambler Ambulance Conversion

Scramblers are awesome, let’s just go ahead and make that statement now. While the short wheelbase of the CJ is great offroad, there are times when a bit more room is a welcome addition. The folks at Horton Ambulance (still in business by the way) saw the potential of the Scrambler chassis as a nice mid-size all-terrain ambulance. Continue reading

Ringbrothers 1966 Chevelle

Ringbrothers Built An Insane 980 Horsepower 1966 Chevelle

Over the years Mike and Jim Ring, aka “The Ringbrothers” have created some amazing show cars. Whenever we see one of their masterpieces in person we are always caught scratching our heads and asking “why didn’t I think of that?” Their newest creation is not different. This is “Recoil” and it is a 1966 Chevelle packing an astounding 980 horsepower blown LS7 running on readily available 91-octane gasoline. A beefed up T-56 shunts the power back to Continue reading

Street Race: 2015 Mustang GT Versus 2014 Mustang GT

Now that 2015 Ford Mustangs are landing in dealer showrooms it was just a matter of time before videos like this started popping up. To be fair this isn’t the most scientific comparison ever conducted but at least. For one, the 2014 GT is equipped with an automatic transmission while the 2015 GT is rocking a stick. Also, most there is no real timing equipment involved, it is all done street racing style. Continue reading


Driven: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon


I have mixed emotions about my love affair with Chevrolet’s small truck offerings. Back in high school I owned a 1988 Chevrolet S-10 4×4 with the woefully inadequate 2.8L V6 engine. The size was perfect for my needs but I can think of few engines that match the sheer miserableness of that 2.8L. Once the truck was sold I quickly forgot about the drivetrain, but the size of the truck stuck with me. Over the years I would revisit the small and mid size truck offerings but nothing really ever hit my hot button. Continue reading

1968 Cobra Jet Drag Strip Launch

Watch A 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet Launch Hard At The Strip!

There’s no denying we love old muscle & pony cars around here (hence the name of the site). But what we love even more are old pony  cars getting thrashed on the track. The driver of this 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet hits it hard on the launch and dribbles the front end a few times on the way to a  10.10 at 136 mph. We know a set of wheelie bars would upset the sleeper look, but we think the ‘chute on the back already sets the tone. Continue reading


Review: 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 1794 Edition

2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 1794 Edition

It is quite amazing how vehicle trends have changed over the years. Maybe I’m just late to the party, but it seems that the new reigning king of the “Dad-mobile” world is the four door pickup truck. Who knew that what was originally intended as a way to move a work crew and their equipment would evolve into the ultimate compromise between work and family needs. Of course, most of these trucks will never see a offroad adventure greater than the backyard, but that doesn’t really matter. For the longest time Dad-hood was greeted with the choice between the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry. One day you are cruising the town in your Mustang, the next you are trying to figure out which silver sedan in the parking lot is yours. Fatherhood, it sneaks up on you. Continue reading


Mustang – The First 50 Years: DVD Review

It really is hard to capture just how deep the history of the Ford Mustang runs, but “Mustang – The First 50 Years” takes a pretty good crack at covering it all. This double DVD set examines the world of the Mustang from multiple angles: interviews & profiles of the people who brought the Mustang to life, Mustang owner profiles that help bring the passion of the car to life, “behind the scenes” looks at the companies that make the Mustang world go round, and last but not least a fantastic collection of vintage Mustang commercials & print ads. Continue reading

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