Someone Please Buy This 1971 International Harvester Travelall So We Don’t Have To

If you aren’t familiar with the publication Grassroots Motorsports, they have one of the most dedicated readers bases you will ever see. Those readers are also an odd lot, with some having eclectic tastes. It doesn’t get much more eclectic than this 1971 International Harvester Travelall that is currently for sale.

Just look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!


Maybe you have been wanting to do a C10 project but realized that everyone and their grandmother has one. So you think about maybe a vintage Suburban instead, but even those are a little to ordinary. Now this, THIS makes a statement!



Imagine riding up to your local cars & coffee event in this bad boy with the entire family, the dog, and a full tailgating party.  We guarantee that a crowd will form around this behemoth quicker than any straight off the showroom floor Corvette (regardless of how clean the valve covers are). You just don’t see these things anymore. It is rare enough to see a Scout or a normal International Harvester pickup. We can’t find solid production figures, but we are guessing there are previous few 1971 models still in decent shape.

Per the classified ad apparently it it runs, drives and stops but due to the ancient tires recommends that it be towed to its new home.  The seller is asking a touch over $2k if you are a member of the Grassroots Motorsports family, so expect to pay a little more if you don’t know the secret handshake. So go buy it now so we don’t have to!

Photos property of patgizz  to help him sell his cool truck.

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