Author: Brian Medford

Krazy Karting – The Southern Tech Bathtub Races

Southern Tech bathtub races at SPSU

Southern Polytechnic State University (or simply Southern Tech) in Marietta is my alma mater. My father owned a tire shop in nearby Smyrna and once a year we would take a ride over to Southern Tech for a magical event…The Southern Tech Bathtub Races! Almost overnight the Southern Tech campus transformed into a mini Road […]

This Ford Bronco Pontoon Boat Is An All Terrain Party Barge

You know what is missing in this world? An amphibious Ford Bronco pontoon boat. Luckily somebody out there had the vision and the talent to create one:   From what we can tell this amazing piece of engineering was the brain child of Werner Martinmaas, a prolific inventor with several tool and boat related patents. The […]

This Turbo Diesel Nova Launches So Hard It Poops Itself A Little

Turbo Diesel Nova

Turbo diesel powered cars will always have a special place in my heart. One of my favorite cars from my past was a Peugot 505 Turbo Diesel with a stick. Sure it was dog slow off the line, but on the highway it shined. You could leave it in fifth gear and just tip your […]

Hero Dad Reveals Baby’s Gender Via Burnout In His V8 Miata

Lately there has been an increase in so called “gender reveal parties” along with other events that give happy parents-to-be a fun way to tell their friends & family what gender child they are expecting. Until now this seems to have been the realm of wives and mother-in-law’s….until now. One hero Dad has taken a […]

Someone Please Buy This 1971 International Harvester Travelall So We Don’t Have To

If you aren’t familiar with the publication Grassroots Motorsports, they have one of the most dedicated readers bases you will ever see. Those readers are also an odd lot, with some having eclectic tastes. It doesn’t get much more eclectic than this 1971 International Harvester Travelall that is currently for sale. Just look at it. […]

JBA Speed Shop Coffee & Cars & Burnouts!

If you have been around the Mustang performance world for a while then the name JBA should ring a bell. J. Bittle American (JBA) started in 1985 and has made a big impact on the hot rodding world. From their shocking  wide-body Dominator Mustang to their top notch dyno facility, JBA is serious about making […]

Ford Econoline Van Jet Dragster Is Pure Americana And It Is For Sale!

Photo courtesy of Wright Attitudes and eBay Motors.

Our hats are off to whoever looked at their 1979 Ford Econoline and thought “I bet I could fit a jet engine back there.” It did take a little massaging and a little stretching, but it fits and it is glorious. It is a little shorter than stock, but the brick-like aerodynamics are intact. And […]

Old Jeep Commercial Shows How Versatile Vintage Jeeps Could Be

Jeep, Goes most anywhere… Does most anything. We’re really not sure what to think about the intro to this 1960 Jeep commercial. Buster Keaton was no doubt the king of silent film comedy, but we think the ad execs were reaching a bit by wrangling him into doing this commercial. Regardless, what is awesome about […]

Cool Old Racing Film – 1957 Daytona Beach Measured Mile

1957 Daytona Beach

Would you believe us if we told you that NASCAR was once involved in land speed racing? It’s true! In fact, NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) was the sanctioning body for the Daytona Beach Measured Mile for several years. Daytona beach had been the location for several land speed records starting back […]

This Wide Body 2014 Mustang Has A Sad Secret…

Widebody 2014 Mustang V6

While perusing eBay this morning, pretending that we have money, we came across an awesome looking wide body 2014 Mustang:   Pretty cool right? It even has an old school IMSA vibe to it from the front. There was obviously a lot of work put into this car, and the 2014 Mustang was probably the […]