Hero Dad Reveals Baby’s Gender Via Burnout In His V8 Miata

Lately there has been an increase in so called “gender reveal parties” along with other events that give happy parents-to-be a fun way to tell their friends & family what gender child they are expecting. Until now this seems to have been the realm of wives and mother-in-law’s….until now.

One hero Dad has taken a manly step to show how a gender reveal can be done with  a touch of testosterone. Oh, and 1UZ V8 Miata. The car sounds badass and he certainly has no problem laying the wood to it.

We won’t spoil it, so watch the video to see if it is a boy or a girl.

A little internet sleuthing led us to a feature on Speedhunters with some great photos and a bit more detail. While there are many LSX and 302 swapped V8 Miata monsters out there, doing a Lexus V8 swap has a touch of class.

So what’s next? Maybe someone should fill their rear tires with colored baby powder and spin’em til they blow. Or maybe go tug-of-war style for the diesel crowd and fill a tractor tube with colored paint, then use it as the rope. I’m sure there are few more MANLY ways to take on a gender reveail

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