Barn Find 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 in Death Valley

Barn Find 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Fastback Grille Hood Fascia

You are just a likely to find a vintage Mustang hidden away in an Amish barn as your are to find one on Death Valley, California. That is why we were surprised when a Massachusetts man ran across this “barn find” Shelby in one of the least likely places on earth, the Mojave Desert. The blistering sun, lower humidity, and desert winds splintered the paint and bleached the interior, but kept rust at bay. The doors were reportedly half filled with silt and sand, but after 25 years since it was left for dead in the desert this big block Shelby has found new life.

It was still wearing period correct Firestone Wide Oval tires when it was hoisted on to the trailer and hauled back east. All the original Shelby body panels that differentiate the coiled snake from his pony sibling were intact and in good condition: the fiberglass hood, air extractors, side scoops, deck lid, front fascia, Thunderbird sequential tail lights and the mesh grille with center mounted fog lamps. The 428 ci big block engine with dual quad four barrel carburetors mated to a top loader 4-speed transmission, brakes and suspension will be rebuilt, but other than that the car will remian largely as is. They buyer, a self proclaimed Blue Oval collector, says he plans to keep the car in the current time capsule condition, and plans to drive the Shelby often.

The sleek 1967 fastback GT350 and GT500’s with their aluminum dash panel and door trim remain high our the Motor City Muscle Car fantasy car list. Were glad that this snake will see road duty again and not become a museum piece, or worse the started point for a Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor Clone.

Source: Bang Shift

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