QOTD: J Mays, Ford Design Chief on the 2014 Mustang

2014 Mustang Concept Sketch Rear

Quote of The Day (QOTD): “The muscle car could only happen in the U.S. because we’re the only ones crazy enough to stuff a V8 into the smallest possible car and scare the hell out of mothers everywhere.” -J Mays, group vice president-Design and chief creative officer at Ford Motor Company, talking about automotive design.

The legendary designer shares thoughts about this because he’s working on the 2014 50th-anniversary Mustang. Mays was careful on to tip his hand too much on the upcoming Mustang. With the recent refresh of Mustang due out in April 2013, Ford has pushed the full redesign back to 2015. The 50th anniversary 2014 Mustang will most likely be a special color and interior option package. With body emblems to denote the package. Look for the 2015 Mustang concept car to revealed in Dearborn on April 17, 2014 at the Mustang’s 50th Birthday Bash .

The 2015 Mustang most likely will be based on the Aussie Ford Falcon. This won’t be the first time Ford borrowed platforms to build their famed pony car. The original 1965 Ford Mustang was unpinned on the Falcon platform. In 1979 the Fox-Body Mustang was built upon the Ford Fairmont body. Look for the 2015 to lighter and more nimble than the current pony. And expect the added hint of European flair as Ford opens the Mustang up to the global design teams for the first time ever.

Photo Credit: Auto Express

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