The Race: Video of the Day From the Ford Mustang Club In Poland

Mustang Klub Polska The Race Video 2011

Why you should spend five minutes watching a Ford Mustang video entitled “The Race” filmed in Poland? Because our friends from the Ford Mustang Club of Poland (Mustang Klub Polska) don’t know that car club meeting are boring. I can’t tell you how many times I begrudgingly attended business meetings and club get togethers that are less fun than Kiwanis convention.  However, if car clubs in the USA were more like this group of Mustang enthusiasts in Poland. I would be mailing in my annual dues with a sense of glee.

The movie was conceived and filmed by members of the Polish Mustang Club, who shot it during their free time as a promotion video for the club. It features 31 Mustang from 1965 to 2011, and begs the question which generation pony car is the better beat machine. Race on.

If the Mustang club of America had this much charisma, on a general basis, they would have no problem attracting younger members.

Film by

photography by
Marcin Bielawski
Mateusz Siwek
Patryk Jakowski

edited by
Mateusz Siwek

music by
The Jokes After Lunch “melanż”
Adham Shaikh “emergence””
Written and performed by Adham Shaikh
Published by Sonicturtle Music (SOCAN)
Courtesy of Interchill Records
By arrangement with

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