Skip Barber Hosts Road Atlanta Open House

Skip Barber Road Atlanta Open House 2012 Miata MX5 Cup Car Skid Pad Hot Laps
Skip Barber Racing School will host the 3rd Annual FREE Open House at Road Atlanta on Friday, May 4, 2012. Tickets are limited, register ONLINE today for either the morning or afternoon session.


Spend the day getting free seat time in Mazda MX-5 Miata on the Autocross course, taking hot laps arounud the full 2.54 mile track in a Playboy Cup Car, drifting the RX-8 on the Skidpad, or riding along in a Lotus Evora, Lexus ISF, Porsche 911 or Cayman.


Last year we had a great time attending the event at the 2.54 mile 12 turn road course that hosts the Petite LeMans. I took dad along and meet up with our friend Brian Medford from AutoTrader Classics. After passing pleasantries our competitive edge (egos) got the best of us and we battled it out on the Skipad and infield Autocross course to see who was the best driver. Brian took the 2012 Miata out first in Autocross, but appeared to be out for more of a Sunday drive than a record lap attempt. The fact that I daily drive a Miata proved to be a huge advantage as I dazzled the race instructors and set the base lap of session. Dad, who drives a Mustang, was quickest of the line, but his brisk pace was offset by his off track excursions.


On the Skidpad we all found the RX-8 slightly unresponsive, under powered and overweight. The car suffers from alternating understeer and overtsteer and the back end wants to dance around as soon as you lose traction. One dad decided that driving the RX-8 was like have a dance partner with two left feet he decided to set the record for consecutive 360s. He managed 3 full spins before being hauled back to the pits. I managed to drift a quarter lap before losing control, but spent the vast majority of my time on the pad dodging other drivers. Brain rebounded from the Autocross and had the Mazda sideways for 3/4 of a lap.


The verdict? Great fun was had all in Hotlanta. Dad got the win for having the most fun. Skip Barber and Road Atlanta get props for hosting such a fun event, and having nice cold water on hand. Can’t wait to get back to the track again!


 3rd Annual FREE Open House at Road Atlanta on Friday, May 4, 2012
Activities include:

Skip Barber Racing School Open House Road Atlanta Mazda Speed3 Girl

– Riding Hot Laps on track in a Mazda MX-5 Cup Car with the best instructors
– Driving a Mazda RX-8 on the Skid Pad
– Driving a Mazda on the Autocross
– Riding in a Lotus Evora, Lexus ISF, Porsche 911 or Cayman
 Attendees will be able to receive up to 20% OFF retail programs purchased at the event.
 Don’t wait to use your vacation time, if your boss doesn’t understand, just bring them along. See what Skip Barber Racing School has to offer at one of the world’s most famous race tracks. Click on the links below to register for either the 8AM-12PM or 1PM-5PM session.

Be prepared, having fun is mandatory.

*Minors will not be permitted to attend this event.
**No open-toed shoes permitted
 Skip Barber Racing School
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