Mopar Teases Jeep Concepts Ahead of Easter Jeep Safari


Jeep® and Mopar have teamed up once again to produce a selection of concept Jeep vehicles for the 46th annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. The Jeep Mighty FC concept, Jeep J-12 concept and the Jeep Wrangler Apache are three of six new vehicles that will be shown to enthusiasts in Moab, March 31 – April 8. Look for more on all of these new vehicles later this week.

We asked MOPAR if the continued release of Jeep pickup truck variants and concepts hinted to a production model in 2015 they repsonded,

“We do make one, it’s the Mopar JK-8 kit! I’m guess you meant one from the factory though, right? If there was enough interest, we’re sure Jeep would look into making them! Until then, we’ll hook you up!”

But if the Mighty FC and the Jeep J-12 pickup are any indicator we expect a Jeep truck with the Nukizer style grille to appear when the new 2015 Jeep Wranglers roll off the assembly line in late 2014.



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