Street Race: 2015 Mustang GT Versus 2014 Mustang GT

Now that 2015 Ford Mustangs are landing in dealer showrooms it was just a matter of time before videos like this started popping up. To be fair this isn’t the most scientific comparison ever conducted but at least. For one, the 2014 GT is equipped with an automatic transmission while the 2015 GT is rocking a stick. Also, most there is no real timing equipment involved, it is all done street racing style. What is surprising is just how evenly matched the car are (at least in a straight line). The V8 under the hood of both cars still measures 5.0L but in the 2015 car it is rated at 435 horsepower, whereas the 2014 model is 15 ponies lighter at 420 horsepower. Of course the video that we need to see next is how these two fair on a road course. The new independent rear suspension should make a huge difference in how the 2015 Mustang carves corners and should make for a considerable lead in the twisties.

Above: 2015 Mustang GT versus 2014 Mustang GT

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